by Jeff Suttles


As we approach the last month of this year, I can’t help but to wonder what’s ahead. Yes, Donald Trump will enter the White House. No, I’m not afraid, but I am concerned for the working class. What type of opportunities will become available for a musician that decided to go back to school? Will my investment in education yield a high return? These concerns are geared toward my life and struggles, but we all have some form of a cross we continue to bear.

As a black man in America, I wonder if I’m headed in the direction of spiritual enlighten. Which has the ability to cultivate inner peace, in the midst of trifling and wicked times. What complicates things even more is the confusion we continue to deal with as people of color in this country. Out of all the crap life sends us, we continue to grapple with police brutality, rent control & stabilization, climate change, data security, refugee crisis, gun violence, and online social justice. All I can say is DAMN BROTHA; the time has come for us to stand against the powers that be. Don’t be a chump man; let’s face these issues together. If not for ourselves, for the FUTURE!




Written by jeff

Jeffrey C. Suttles is a Master of Arts candidate in Liberal Studies at the City University of New York, Graduate Center. He is an independent writer/musician/humanitarian who completed his undergraduate studies at The City College of New York. He is currently a CUNY CAP student who continues to pursue career...
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