In a world where people are constantly concerned about their diets, Michael Twitty is examining social justice through food. Twitty a culinary historian, based in Washington D.C., suggests that we preserve the heritage, of what most of us refer to as, “Soul Food.” Twitty investigates the battered past of his ancestors, and how food played a significant role in African American history. Until I viewed this brothas presentation I had never considered the importance of the food that I was raised on. Check out Twitty’s view on food culture, you may never look at a pork chop the same way again.




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Jeffrey C. Suttles is a Master of Arts candidate in Liberal Studies at the City University of New York, Graduate Center. He is an independent writer/musician/humanitarian who completed his undergraduate studies at The City College of New York. He is currently a CUNY CAP student who continues to pursue career...
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