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from 2020 to 2021

The Commitment March (August 28, 2020)

Peace Brothas & Sistas,

Last time I logged in we were trying to get a grip on reparations with the December 12th Movement,  I haven’t spoken with Roger directly as of late, but through his WhatApp posts I know that he is well, and still motivated to share the message of justice and equality in our neighborhoods throughout the universe.  First of all I would like to thank everyone who attended our Labor Day PSA/ Video Shoot/Rally.  Your attendance made a serious statement to the need for us to create more cooperative businesses in our communities.  My sincere belief that building awareness based on the process through sharing communal concepts remains the same.  Ultimately, I have come to the conclusion that this is one of the messages I would like to continue to share, as we work from a grassroots perspective for sustainable solutions in the hood.   

On another note, I released a new instrumental project with VOCAL-NY on Halloween last year.  This project is dedicated to the dismantling of mass incarceration.  Statistics show that millions continue to fall victim to injustice as they are imprisoned through a system that was created to promote economic inequality.  Through this initiative we plan to take a stand!  Head over to the website (https://collinsuttles.bandcamp.com/releases) and purchase a t-shirt (50% of the proceeds go to creating change in regards to mass incarceration), you will also get a free download to the music project which is entitled #Censored!  Please don’t delay, your support is essential to the movement, we can’t create change without the support of our communities.

Finally, I would like to send my condolences to MF DOOM’s family, and all the other giants we lost last year through Covid-19, homicide, suicide, natural causes, and uncontrollable trategies.  As a creative person, I am familiar with the work of MF DOOM, Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, Sean Connery, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Lewis, James Lipton, Fred ‘Curly’ Neal, Ken Osmond, Little Richard, Regis Philbin, Charley Pride, Carl Reiner, Ann Reinking, Kenny Rogers, Gayle Sayers, Don Shula, Tom Seaver, David Stern, Jerry Stiller, John Thompson, Alex Trebek, Eddie Van Halen, Bill Withers, and my own Aunt, Gail Suttles.  Although there are many names that are not included in this list, let’s remember that we are only here for a moment, let’s create lasting change, love each other, and build a better world for the next generation.

Until Next Time,


This mix is dedicated to the giants we lost in 2020!

In A Beautiful World

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

1st Thessalonians 5:3

Ok Brothas & Sistas,

Another week, another struggle, I recently viewed Spike Lee’s new film, ‘Da 5 Bloods’ it’s a story of brotherhood, teamwork, greed, betrayal, and disappointment.  Mr. Lee did his thing on this one, his style and approach is classic.  I’m excited to see what he comes up with next. 

On another note, rallies are still in full effect, people refuse to let these atrocities invade our communities as the norm.  We found out another couple of brothas, Rayshard Brooks & Kamal Flowers, were slain by police in Atlanta, GA and New Rochelle, NY last week.  This unfortunate series of events must stop!  We have to organize and educate people on how to conduct themselves when approached by police.  We have to educate police, who are usually not from our urban communities, on how to deescalate situations without murder.  In this way, we can work selflessly, to achieve oneness and beauty in our inner cities.

I’ll would like to share this poem that came to me after I viewed ‘Da 5 Bloods,’

I hope you enjoy it!

In a beautiful World

In a beautiful world
We never die
In a beautiful world
We never cry
In a beautiful world
We save our sons
In a beautiful world
We don’t need guns
In a beautiful world
Our daughters receive
In a beautiful world
They never leave
In a beautiful world
There is no hate
In a beautiful world
We seal our fate
In a beautiful world
There is no lust
In a beautiful world
We all can trust
In a beautiful world
We all get a chance
In a beautiful world
Justice and liberty inspire dance
In a beautiful world
We don’t have to protest
In a beautiful world
We don’t have to invest
In a beautiful world
We can all get along
In a beautiful world
Police brutality is always wrong
In A Beautiful World (Audio version)

Peace & Blessings,


Co-Op featuring Raydar Ellis & UC

Collin Suttles at the rally in
Washington Park (NYC)

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Carmen Perez speaks for the movement at Washington Park in New York City.

The Further A Society Drifts From Truth The More It Will Hate Those That Speak Truth.” – George Orwell

Brothas & Sistas,

After a long weekend of rallies and protests, I saw this quote as I scrolled through my IG account earlier this week.  TRUTH, are we living in truth?  Are we applying our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to causes that serve our communities?  Are you living your best life through service and humility?  I’ll be the first to say, I have much work to do!  But I have made the commitment, to wake up everyday (Most High willing), and get on my GRIND!

In a world that’s always changing, but actually stays the same.  These Black Lives Matter movements that hit our communities during this COVID19 season are bizarre.   The whole series of events threatened the way we live, and what we put our trust in.  This is why we must immediately implement new practices in our everyday lives.  I challenge our communities to build sustainability through application.  Issues like employment equality, affordable housing, economic empowerment, and of course police brutality are still HERE, and we are not going to see change until we put in the work to CREATE CHANGE

With all of the educators, scholars, politicians, clergymen, and community advocates we have in this world, change should be apparent.  Let’s not be so smart that we can’t get the work done.  Make it your business to lend your talents and abilities to change.   I’m just saying Man, this is the only way we are going to get the job done. 

Peace & Blessings,


Co-Op featuring Raydar Ellis & UC

Open Mic For Justice & Peace

Image by Greg C. Cash

It all went down Tuesday night at Pianos.  Many acts came out to support our first Open Mic for Justice & Peace.  Although the energy was electrifying, we took the time to celebrate community and sustainability in our urban neighborhoods.  Hosted by Collin Suttles, we featured a new group called FOREVERSOUL, look for them, they are on tour right now hopefully at a location near you.  All and all we had a fantastic event, the featured quote of the night was, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world!” courtesy of Mahatma Gandhi.  Stay tuned as we work on the next Open Mic; we plan on cultivating good vibes, as we continue to provide a space for creative people to share their ability for community growth and sustainability.  Special thanks to A I Gangsta, Chy Boogie, Tay Tay, and Newby for coming out, and REPPIN for the cause.

Peace & Blessings

Looking forward to adding the band to the next Open Mic