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Image by Greg C. Cash

On Saturday, August 10, 2019 the Bronx community gathered together to raise their voices against gun violence.  Parents, elected officials, and clergyman united on Webster Avenue to take a stand, as the 19th Annual Rally took place.  The Bronx has become victim to several acts of gun violence recently.  Citizens united to pray for hope and courage against random acts of gun violence.  Although this is an issue that continues to infect our urban communities, it has become obvious that awareness is key, as we work for peace and sustainability in our neighborhoods.

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President Obama, 4 The Last Time


As our 44th President completes his last news conference, I can definitely identify with the agitation of many of the American people. Many of my friends, family, and colleagues express concern; in regards our new President elects ability to run the United States of America in a productive, yet secure manner. As Mr. Trump let us know numerous times, his goal is to, “Make America Great Again!” The question is, “can he accomplish this greatness with the cabinet he selected?” Contrary to many people that I interact with, I hope that he does it. Not for me, or for my homies around the way, but for the future of our society. One thing that I was taught from a young age “is that most things come to an end (good and bad).” Therefore I have slowly prepared myself for the departure of President Obama. Call me crazy, but I am still quite surprised that he made it through two terms, and now is positioned to live a successful post presidency. As a pessimist, I look for the negativity that accompanies certain accomplishments in life; President Obama is living proof that with a plan, good things can happen. One thing that I’m sure of is that, “WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY!” So as we reflect on the old, and create for the new, let’s be proud and compassionate, while we celebrate our accomplishments while focusing on the work to come. Pray for our new president, he will certainly need guidance from the Most High. Hopefully things will fall into place, and we will position ourselves to create a great future for the next generation.

Jeff Suttles Creates New Blog for Social Justice







Here I sit just about a week after the election of our new president. I can honestly say that I was a little shocked, but it’s all beginning to sink in. Upon observing people digest the results of the 2016 presidential race, I witnessed people deal with their feelings in several ways. Some chose to protest, some chose to tighten up their business game plan, and some chose to ignore the whole travesty by moving on. I chose to write about it in my new blog. Many will say, “why another blog Jeff?” I say this is a great way to provide a platform for people to share and relate to each other in a safe space (of course). With Social Justice as the main objective of this blog, I believe that now is an excellent time to organize, and make strides to improve the lives of people in our urban communities. As a musician that writes, I have taken it upon myself, to be a part of the solution, as we deal with the problems. Join me as we raise our voices against injustice. All forms of creativity are welcome on this blog; ultimately we are here to encourage each other, as we grow. I look forward to working with you, to create sustainable living conditions, in urban spaces throughout the world.





Jeff Suttles

Editor & Chief