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As we settle into a new semester, I am concerned about what I see going on in our country. Most notable the tragedy that just occurred in Las Vegas, where many people lost their lives for no apparent reason. How do we begin to approach general safety issues? Do we need more conversations about policy change to spread awareness in regard to gun control? Should an individual have the right to purchase a gun for safety?


As I think about this issue, I realize that urban communities are usually targeted in these conversations; but rarely do we hear about mass shootings occurring in our inner cities.  Although it’s true that urban communities facilitate gang violence, never have we heard of people just killing other people without rhyme or reason. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers! But I believe it’s important to challenge each other and our government to revisit our gun laws for general safety. We must continue to work for a solution to gun violence, and it shouldn’t take a mass shooting or two people shooting it out on the South Side of Chicago for us to wake up, and work to prevent senseless violence.


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Written by jeff

Jeffrey C. Suttles is a Master of Arts candidate in Liberal Studies at the City University of New York, Graduate Center. He is an independent writer/musician/humanitarian who completed his undergraduate studies at The City College of New York. He is currently a CUNY CAP student who continues to pursue career...
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