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Thank You Cuba

Good Day Brothas & Sistas,

I hope you all are well. This weekend we participate in the Africa & The World Thanks Cuba celebration.  We would like to thank the Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association and the Get Out of Cuba Way Movement for the invitation, we believe that these events help promote camaraderie among the United States of America and Cuba, even though under our current regime, this relationship continues to remain under attack.

Last week we started working with State Assembly candidate Shanequa Charles to promote change in the Bronx community.  In a conversation with Ms. Charles she explained that the Bronx is one of the most impoverished communities in the state of New York.  I was blessed to be able to create her campaign theme music last week as well.  Our goal is to wake, and ignited the citizens of our Bronx communities.  Although it’s still early in the campaign, we believe that Shanequa Charles is the strong black women that our community needs, as we work for sustainable economic change, through engagement and awareness.

Lastly, please keep the family of Davell Gardner in your prayers.  Davell was shot to death at a cook out in Brooklyn at the tender age of 1 years old.  These situations, although saddening, should provide some form of motivation for our urban communities.  We have to do better, if not for ourselves, for the next generation.  I humbly challenge each of you to do your part.  This situation wasn’t created by one individual; therefore, it’s going to take many us to cultivate change.  Check out Shenequa Charles campaign them below.  Write her name in and vote, this fall, for the Independent Stronger Together Party!  

Peace & Blessings,


Yo, Give Peace A Chance!

Ok Brothas & Sistas,

I have been careful to let my thoughts marinate, before speaking in haste. As I observed what just took place in our country, and now ironically the world, my spirit is sad.  We all know COVID19 had us all laying low, but now what happen to George Floyd, has brought things to another level.  What’s has got me perplexed is that we know this foolishness has been occurring for over 400 years, yet it seems that as usual, it takes a tragedy for people to wake up, and smell the coffee!

As I walked down Fordham Rd. (Bronx, NY) yesterday, I saw one of my Latino brothas verbally assaulting the police.  As this brotha yelled slurs and called this man everything but a child of the Most High, I felt compelled to ask myself, “how did we get here?”  On one hand, the Latino brotha was totally justified in the anger he displayed, on the other hand, those cops he was yelling at are men, with families, and they should not be judged for what took place in the George Floyd assassination.  My point is that, ‘we have to find a way, to bring some lovin here today.’

Look people, I hope that this country begins to heal.  It seems that 2020 has bought out some serious issues.  From the death of the homie Kobe Bryant, to COVID19, to the recent riots, and let’s knot forget, we aren’t even half way through the year yet.  Let’s make an effort to read our favorite literature, spend time kicking it with family and friends, and pray for each other.  We have done and said everything else, let’s give peace a chance.


R.I.P. Wes Unseld