Are You Ready For 2017? A Call For Justice!

by Jeff Suttles


As we approach the last month of this year, I can’t help but to wonder what’s ahead. Yes, Donald Trump will enter the White House. No, I’m not afraid, but I am concerned for the working class. What type of opportunities will become available for a musician that decided to go back to school? Will my investment in education yield a high return? These concerns are geared toward my life and struggles, but we all have some form of a cross we continue to bear.

As a black man in America, I wonder if I’m headed in the direction of spiritual enlighten. Which has the ability to cultivate inner peace, in the midst of trifling and wicked times. What complicates things even more is the confusion we continue to deal with as people of color in this country. Out of all the crap life sends us, we continue to grapple with police brutality, rent control & stabilization, climate change, data security, refugee crisis, gun violence, and online social justice. All I can say is DAMN BROTHA; the time has come for us to stand against the powers that be. Don’t be a chump man; let’s face these issues together. If not for ourselves, for the FUTURE!




Don’t Call Me N*gger

by Andrew Smoot


In a time where so much emphasis is placed on what is considered to popular in order to determine what is good and bad, this prompt allowed me to really do some soul searching (as well as the rest of the course work). It’s impossible to not approach this from a Christian world view, well rather it was the most biblically correct way to approach this therefore; Jackie Robinsons chief accomplishment was proving that while being an African American, by taking personal responsibility and cultivating self-control that he too (and anybody then) could achieve great things and leave a legacy that others could follow, the most notably recent example is Colin Kaepernick, while I am not sure of his ethnic origins his actions are well appreciated by many.

On the opposite ends of the spectrum is Michael Jordan who has refused to involve his “brand”, (I say brand because it is after all the star power that gets the attention of the masses long before they find out whether or not you practice what you preach.) publicly in any way that would cause someone to make socio-political decision based upon his influence. Jackie Robinson went as far as too allow the African American community including his own son to ostracize and criticize him in order to maintain the integrity of his campaign to influence “America” to “play fair” again proving that a man’s character and work ethic should be what decides what kind of open doors and opportunities become available to him. Ever since Adam was influenced to bite the fruit in the garden, man’s intrinsic lack of worth and identity has caused him not only to enslave himself, but others too. Jackie’s message was clear, he walked quiet but carried a big stick, “Don’t call me n*gger!





Jeff Suttles Creates New Blog for Social Justice







Here I sit just about a week after the election of our new president. I can honestly say that I was a little shocked, but it’s all beginning to sink in. Upon observing people digest the results of the 2016 presidential race, I witnessed people deal with their feelings in several ways. Some chose to protest, some chose to tighten up their business game plan, and some chose to ignore the whole travesty by moving on. I chose to write about it in my new blog. Many will say, “why another blog Jeff?” I say this is a great way to provide a platform for people to share and relate to each other in a safe space (of course). With Social Justice as the main objective of this blog, I believe that now is an excellent time to organize, and make strides to improve the lives of people in our urban communities. As a musician that writes, I have taken it upon myself, to be a part of the solution, as we deal with the problems. Join me as we raise our voices against injustice. All forms of creativity are welcome on this blog; ultimately we are here to encourage each other, as we grow. I look forward to working with you, to create sustainable living conditions, in urban spaces throughout the world.





Jeff Suttles

Editor & Chief

Blogging for Social Justice