It’s about that time of the year again. Although my personal projects are mounting up, I feel compelled to speak about some of the social issues that continue to contribute to injustice in our communities. I believe that in the true spirit ‘Humanities Heart,’ not only are we responsible to speak up for ourselves,… Read more »

Black Excellence

  As we review the state of of American culture, many things come to mind.  Our economy, especially for our urban communities, has changed. We see more people creating heinous acts as a form of rebellion against a system that has promised us so much, but given us so little.  We are forced to deal… Read more »


As we approach another Super Bowl Sunday, I reflect on my decision to boycott the National Football League (NFL) this year.  After witnessing our guy Collin Kaepernick lose livelihood; I became livid at how a league could discriminate against a person for exercising his/her first amendment rights. This was a perfect example of how this… Read more »

Justice League Ousted From A Flight

Happy Holidays Beautiful People: Just wanted to touch base with you about an injustice that occurred on American Airlines. In case you didn’t know, Justice League NYC Activists, Tamika Mallory and Mysonne were discharged from a flight for speaking up about a situation that occurred with one of the American Airlines employees. Please take a… Read more »


Hello My Good People, This year we were honored to accept an invitation to the HASTAC Conference in Orlando, FL. The opportunity to share our social justice work with the HASTAC community was transcending. We are sending a special thanks to Cathy N. Davidson and Future Initiative. We look forward to participating next year in… Read more »


Good Day Indigenous People,   As we get closer to the holiday season, we see that injustice is still alive in American culture. Jemele Hill, journalist for ESPN, simple raised her voice against the foolishness that continues to occur in the NFL, and was forced to take a leave of absence. Yes, I am a… Read more »


What’s up People,   As we settle into a new semester, I am concerned about what I see going on in our country. Most notable the tragedy that just occurred in Las Vegas, where many people lost their lives for no apparent reason. How do we begin to approach general safety issues? Do we need more… Read more »


Hey Beautiful People,   I hope your summer was remarkable. Things have heated up since I last posted in regards to social justice. What stands out is the Colin Kapernick situation. This man is still unemployed, and it seems that the owners want nothing to do with him. If we look at the statistics, Kapernick… Read more »

Back 2 School Mix

  Hey Y’all, As we come to the end of another summer, I decided to put together a Back 2 School Mix for motivation and therapy.  I hope that you dig this mix, please send feedback.  This music is our historical soundtrack; I truly believe that if we take a microscopic look at the origin… Read more »

Music For The Movement @ TRAUE SPECIAL ISSUE

  Hello Folks, Wishing everyone success and fulfillment as we embrace the second part of our summer journey.  Theory, Research, And Action in Urban Education (TRAUE) gave me the opportunity to showcase a couple of my new records last semester, “Cross The Line,” & “Racism You Gotta Go.” The concepts in these songs represent the… Read more »

  • Humanities Heart Looking For New Contributions!!

                Hello, I hope your summer is going well.  We are looking to feature NEW poetry, photography, music, and articles as we enter the Fall 2017 semester.  Please contact us if you have anything you would like to contribute to our publication.  Remember, we are the voice of the community!! Peace… Read more »

  • Talking Public Education With Stephen Brier

    As we approach the end of another semester, Stephen Brier was gracious enough to grant me an interview that focused on the history of public education in the New York City area. Dr. Brier, an accomplished educator, speaks of his influencers, his professional life, and how he maintains balance as he manages a heavy workload…. Read more »


    On March 25, 2017 our community came together to support the integration of the United States and Cuba.  The National Conference for the Full Normalization of US-Cuban Relations was held at Fordham University School of Law.  Issues such as ending various sanctions against Cuba (economic, financial, and travel), were discussed.  The bottom line is that… Read more »

  • The Morris Justice Project Works To Annihilate ‘Stop and Frisk!’

    As I continue to share my thoughts and views on police brutality.  I was invited to a demonstration at Columbia University last week that featured a presentation about police reform from a group called the Morris Justice Project.  This project has been in existence for the last 6 years and this group has made tremendous… Read more »

  • Black Spades Speak Out Against The Slander Of Afrika Bambaataa

    In a day and age where rumors run rapid in inner city communities, allegations against hip hop legend Afrika Bambaataa seem unreal. Most of us consider Bambaataa’s Planet Rock one of the major influences, in a B-boy driven era, that birth a new culture and lifestyle in American history. Personally I believe that a man… Read more »

  • Can we obtain Social Justice through Soul Food?

    In a world where people are constantly concerned about their diets, Michael Twitty is examining social justice through food. Twitty a culinary historian, based in Washington D.C., suggests that we preserve the heritage, of what most of us refer to as, “Soul Food.” Twitty investigates the battered past of his ancestors, and how food played… Read more »

  • Vote For Justice!!

    Good Morning, As we deal with trying times, I was inspired to write this song dedicated to the many lives that have been lost due to police brutality.  As of last year, when I wrote this record, 194 lives had been taken due to police brutality.  Brotha’s and Sista’s this has to be stopped.  If… Read more »

  • It’s Tax Season, Let’s Talk Financial Literacy!!

    Yes Brotha’s & Sistas, tax season has arrived again, and financial literacy remains key as we continue to strive for ultimate liberation.  Although most of us are planning to catch up on bills, take vacations, and upgrade our technical devices, it’s imperative that we begin to seriously consider investing a portion of our returns.  While… Read more »

  • Farrakhan Speaks Black Economic Truth

    Yesterday while surfing the Internet, I came across an early message from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. As a black man that grew up as a Pentecostal Christian through the Apostolic faith, I have grown to gain understanding of the economic status of African American people. Take a listen to this short message from Minister… Read more »

  • President Obama, 4 The Last Time

      As our 44th President completes his last news conference, I can definitely identify with the agitation of many of the American people. Many of my friends, family, and colleagues express concern; in regards our new President elects ability to run the United States of America in a productive, yet secure manner. As Mr. Trump… Read more »